Tropical Forests

Learn everything about the tropical forests and be amazed by the beauty, richness, variation and complexity you can find in these amazing ecosystems.

The truth about Palm oil

Palm oil is undeniably a massive industry. Raking in billions of dollars annually through practices that involve deforestation. The displacement of indigenous communities. Significant carbon dioxide emissions, and the endangerment of numerous species, including the orangutan. It’s a pervasive ingredient, present in more than 50% of the products on our shelves. From ice cream to […]

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Forest Biome Explained in Less Than 200 Characters

I’m excited to kick off a series aimed at demystifying complex terminology in nature conservation. In each instalment, I’ll provide concise and accessible explanations that anyone can grasp, regardless of their background in conservation. To start, let’s delve into the forest biome, my favourite biome, and a subject closely aligned with my bachelor’s and current

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